MEGA MAN!!!!!!!!!!!! (X)!

I tried to go through Mega Man X today, one of my favorite games ever. Man, I forgot how hard that game is. To my credit, I got to the end, with all of the heart upgrades, all of the sub-tanks, the sub-tanks filled, all the bosses beaten, all the weapons, all of the armor upgrades and the hadoken upgrade. However, I just couldn’t beat the final boss, the strange robot version of Sigma. I was so close too. On one attempt, I had just one more hit to do and I had one more hit myself. I had used up all of my sub tanks. However, I got caught between the flame breath and the lightning bolts and then the other hand moved at me and I had nowhere to go. Boom.

Mega-Man-X_00010.pngI still love this game to this day and with the exception of the final bosses in the first three Sigma levels, I remember all the weaknesses to the bosses as well, all the locations of the hidden upgrades and I know where pretty much everything is. From the levels to the enemies, everything is just perfect. All the bosses are memorable and with the exception of the last boss (although I might just be bitter), all the bosses are well balanced. I just adore this game.

Alright. Enough of me gushing. What made me want to go back to Mega Man X was the wonderful Retronauts Live podcast that was done last week (Retronauts Live Episode 10). I really enjoyed their podcast as I am a huge fan of old school games. I advise everyone to check it out if you love old school games or if you would like to learn about games of yore. After the podcast, there’s actually a video of some of the staff playing Mega Man X. I could brag about how better I did than they but the point is it was quite entertaining.

Mega-Man-X_00002.pngAny who, I recommend everyone to play Mega Man X. It’s withstood the test of time and is a challenging game without being too difficult. Also, the graphics are better than the newer Mega Man games (go figure). Mega Man X is for the Super Nintendo. A remake was also released for the PSP. The SNES version was also released for the Wii’s Virtual Console. Apparently, there are PC and mobile phone ports but I’ve never seen them and I can imagine that they’re hard to find.

I’ll do a proper review soon.


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