I Adore My Sega Genesis

SONY DSCThe first game I ever played was Sonic the Hedgehog 2. I was five years old and at my mother’s uncle’s house and the kids were playing Sonic 2 2-player. I’ve been a gamer ever since. My first console was a NES and afterward I got a SNES and then I would swap back and forth between a Genesis and SNES by selling the console I had at pawn shops in East LA. Back then, I touted the SNES as the superior console, but time hasn’t been kind to Nintendo and after being disappointed by the N64, GameCube and Wii, the SNES has suffered because of it in my mind. Sega has fallen by the wayside but the Dreamcast is one of my favorite consoles ever and the Saturn has an aura of mystery and supremacy to it for me. In short, the Genesis has managed to withstand the test of time and when I bought a used Genesis last winter, I’ve since also bought over 30 games for it. Yay for Sega.

Genesis does what Nintendon’t!

Colorwind Reviews Cool Spot (Genesis) – Fair Advertisement

Cool Spot (U) [!]000Cool Spot for the Sega Genesis is a platformer starring the mascot for 7up soda. Something needs to be said right away. This game is just an ad for 7up. Nothing more. Having said that, this game is still fun and as long as you get it for a good price (no more than five bucks), it’s worth picking up. Continue reading “Colorwind Reviews Cool Spot (Genesis) – Fair Advertisement”

Most Anticipated Game of June 2011

The winner is…

Alice: Madness Returns

I’ve read previews and seen the trailers and I’m very excited for this game. I have the original that came out 11 years ago and I enjoyed it a lot. Specifically, the world it created gave Wonderland (Underland) such a scary yet intriguing spin on the original idea of the place. I excited for how the combat mechanics have improved, especially since the combat in the first game was lackluster.

What are your thoughts about the game? Let me know by commenting below.

Here’s one of the trailers in case you’re not familiar with this game.

Release Date: June 14th, 2011

Colorwind Reviews Mortal Kombat Trilogy (N64)


MORTAL KOMBAT!!! Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let me tell you where I stand. I love Mortal Kombat. I love the fighting, I love the characters, I love the fatalities, I even love and follow the story and mythology. When I saw Shang Tsung snap Liu Kang’s neck in the beginning of Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, I was like “OH MY GOD!” I memorized all of the moves and fatalities for all of the characters in Mortal Kombat II, including all of Shang Tsung’s morphs. Side note: I had both the SNES and Genesis versions of Mortal Kombat II. The Mortal Kombat franchise holds a special place in my heart and for the longest time, I always stood my ground and proudly proclaimed that Mortal Kombat was just as good as the Street Fighter franchise and the SNK fighters.

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Colorwind Reviews Yoshi’s Story

Oh, Yoshi. You’re just so cute. You have got to be the cutest dinosaur (or whatever you are) I’ve ever seen. How Nintendo had the means to fabricate such an enduring and appealing character; we’ll never know. After his introduction in Super Mario World, Yoshi became Nintendo’s newest star. A sweet dinosaur that could swallow enemies and turn them into eggs for him to shoot with later was quite an imaginative concept. Add Yoshi’s elongated tongue to which he can pull enemies with, and a saddle so Mario could ride comfortable on his back and you’ve got a favorite as well as powerful character that was more than just a lovable mascot that appeals to children’s mothers. After a couple of throwaway games for the NES and SNES, in 1995, Nintendo decided to make Yoshi the star of his own game and released Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. The game was a success and highly praised and proved that Yoshi could be a strong enough on his own. At least, it seemed that way.

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Colorwind Reviews Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

I saw this movie yesterday and I really enjoyed it. I wasn’t expecting to. I saw it because my mother Cynthia recommended I see a Elizabeth Taylor movie since she just passed away. That movie was streaming on Netflix so it would be easy to just sit down and play it.

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Steven’s Soapbox: Tag

Maybe I’m tired (it’s 4:00 in the morning so I’m definitely tired) but Tag is a stupid game. Just stupid. “Oh, I’m gonna run away from you because I don’t want you to touch me. Oh no. You got me. Now I’m gonna run after you to do the same thing.” WHAT THE HELL KIND OF GAME IS THAT??? Seriously, who friggin’’ thought of this? This is the kind of game that dumbs down kids. I never liked it as a kid and it such a brainless idea to me now. Here’s proof.

Colorwind Reviews Mega Man X – Super Mega Man

Capcom released the first Mega Man game on the NES at the end of 1987. Although not a big hit, another was made and Mega Man 2 would become a huge success. Capcom continued their success with Mega Man 3. After its release, the NES successor was released, the SNES or Super Nintendo. Many waited to see Mega Man on the new console. However, instead of a new Super Nintendo Mega Man game, Capcom released not one but two more Mega Man games for the NES. Many started to wonder if Capcom would even release a Mega Man game on the Super Nintendo. Finally, it was revealed that a new game in the Mega Man series would be on the Super Nintendo, tentatively titled “Super Mega Man”. The final product, Mega Man X, was a spin off of the original series. It was released in the beginning of 1994, three years after the release of the Super Nintendo, and it was worth the wait.

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