I Finally Played Portal. What Took Me So Long?

For the past two days, I’ve been playing Portal. I beat it last night and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve had the game for over a year and I used to have it for The Orange Box back when I had a 360. I would play a few levels before I would quit and play something else. Why did it take me so long to sit down and actually play this game seriously. I think it’s because Portal always felt like a throwaway game or like a tech demo. I know this game is so beloved and everyone who has played it, loves it but it just seem like an excuse to test this portal gun idea and it was just a little quirky game that they wanted to put out because Valve enjoyed it. So when I finally went through the game, I was very surprised, both pleasantly and in a puzzled manner.

First for the good. Portal turned out to be a great game. The puzzles are well designed, I never felt lost and I absolutely adore GLaDoS. She’s such a well designed character and the final battle with her, while slow, is fitting and amusing. The turrets, although they always surprise the hell out of me, are endearing and funny considering the dialog in contrast to their function. Also, the end song, “Still Alive” is so cool and makes for a good bookend for the game. Now for the bad. The game is incredibly short. I’m glad it was included in The Orange Box. You’re completely defenseless in terms of having nothing to protect you against the projectiles and guns in the game. The one thing that hurts the game the most I though was its reputation. Everyone adores this game, giving it 9 out of 10, 5 out of 5, A+, etc. I didn’t think it’s that good. This is not perfect and the story isn’t that interesting.

I will say that I really want to play Portal 2 now but I really hope it’s a lot longer and I hope the story is more involved to justify where you’re at. Don’t get me wrong. I really enjoyed Portal but it’s just like a indie game you really like that’s not the best game of the year, like Castle Crashers or Angry Birds.


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