Borderlands 2nd Impressions

BorderlandscoverI have now played Borderlands for 14 hours. I’m at level 23 and I just entered New Haven. I looked up online about how far I’m into the game and apparently, I’m somewhere around half way. This worries me because the story has been essentially non-existent. I don’t want to say much because I don’t want to spoil anything and I want to go in depth in my actual review but essentially, I am looking for this secret vault and am doing favors for the locals to gain their trust / get clues on where the vault might be. There have been some messages of some people telling me to stop searching but that’s about it. The story hasn’t changed since I’ve started playing.

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Borderlands 1st Impressions

header_292x136So I’ve played Borderlands now for several hours. I’ve gotten to level 18 and I’m about to go after Sledge. I’ve played Borderlands in the past on my 360 and even got to the second area. So I’ve played further than this. However, as I’m sticking to the PC version now, I’ll focus on that.

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My Borderlands Review Experiment

I’m going to try something different. I’ve noticed that a lot of reviews of video games don’t go into enough detail as to why the game in question is fun or enjoyable. They talk about how the game excels or fails in certain aspect but not into great lengths. There’s rarely examples or personal experiences of the positive or negatives. I’ve also noticed that I have made the same mistakes in my reviews and I want to improve so I’m going to try something new. Continue reading

Keeping Old or New Versions of Games

video-game-collectionI don’t consider myself a collector. I like video games but not to the extent that I want every game of a platform whether I like them or not. What’s more is I don’t buy sealed copies of a game that would go on a shelf, never to be played. When I get a game, I plan on actually playing it, not making it a display piece. If I don’t like a game, I get rid of it. Because of this, I’ve been rethinking how I get games. Normally, I would keep any game that I liked but I’ve noticed there’s some games that despite liking I’m not going to play again. There’s two types that come to mind.

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Colorwind Tried Skate–Frustration to 360 Flip

159ac4f8-e80c-4acc-bac4-81c1f405fc49Last weekend and Monday, I started playing a game that’s been in my backlog for a long time. I used to own Skate about a year or two after it came out but I never sat down and actually gave it a fair shot. So I bought it when it was on sale on the Xbox Games Marketplace earlier this year and sat down and played it some last Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Before I continue, I want to make it clear that this is more of an impressions piece rather than a review because I haven’t completed the game.

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Understanding Gamer Rage: Follow-Up

gamer-rageA couple of days ago, I posted a blog of me explaining how I get mad at video games sometimes while playing them and my attempt to understand why I get angry. I got a lot of responses across all the sites I posted that blog on, including Destructoid, IGN, Gamespot, Giant Bomb, and my personal blog on WordPress. I included links to each of those posts if you want to read what others said. First off, thank you so much for all of the comments about how you all handle Gamer Rage and thoughts on why it happens. Especially with all of the negativity going on within the gamer community right now, it’s nice to see that a topic can receive essentially no harmful, bad, or negative responses. Continue reading

Understanding Gamer Rage


I was playing Skate yesterday on the Xbox 360 and I reached a point where I got really frustrated and angry. I started to yell at the screen and toss my controller. I say things like “Do what I tell you to do” and “Why aren’t you listening to me” and I start cursing. Usually by the end of it, I wonder why I’m even bothering in playing the game – for instance, I played Skate for 3 hours – and I typically am very tense and my body is tight. I usually come to the conclusion that I’m not going to let the game beat me and I’m just not as good at the game than I’d like to think I am. I also think that the game is worth playing because if I didn’t like it or didn’t care, then I wouldn’t let it get to me.

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Shovel Knight Review–For Shovelry!

  • 42034Action Platformer
  • Developed and Published by Yacht Club Games
  • Available on 3DS (via eShop), Wii U (via eShop), PC (via Steam, Good Old Games) [played]
  • Released on 2014-06-26 (3DS, Wii U, PC)

I was never a big fan of the NES style of games. Back in the day, even though I liked a lot of NES games, I rarely look back with fondness at the difficulty, primitive graphics, and sometimes cryptic game mechanics. I know, I know, it’s sacrilegious for a gamer to say that, especially for someone like me whose first console was the NES. However, when a game like Shovel Knight is released, it reminds me what fans of the console are talking about. Shovel Knight is arguably the best retro title to be released in recent memory and is a fine example of why gameplay always outshines presentation.

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Don’t Edit and Write at the Same Time!

I’m working on a review and I caught myself doing something I have a bad habit of doing and I thought I would write a little about it. If you plan to do any kind of writing, especially if it’s going to be a long piece, you should avoid editing what you’re writing as you’re writing it. Doing multiple drafts is a good thing, especially since your first draft should be all your thoughts splattered on the page, completely unorganized and unformatted. When you start writing something, the main goal should be to get all of your thoughts onto the page. Making sense of it and adding and subtracting stuff should be later. That’s what editing is for!

I’ve notice that a lot of people have trouble just getting started. That first paragraph, sentence or even word just stumps them. This happens with me too so sometimes, I just don’t start at the beginning. It’s especially easy if you’re typing. Whatever comes to mind first on your topic is what you should write first. As you write, you’ll probably come up with a way to start the piece off based on what you’re saying and how you’re saying. Same goes with the concluding paragraph. When you’re writing, you should not worry about the sequential order of your piece. That’s what editing is for. I will admit that this will make things take longer, and you might have to do multiple drafts, depending on what you decide to add or subtract, but you’ll have a better piece in the end.

Colorwind Beats The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time #1: LOU REED!

Part 1 of my playthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the N64 via the Project64 2.0 emulator. I name my character Lou Reed because it’s funny to me and me alone and we go through the opening section, the first dungeon, visit Hyrule Town and sneak into Hyrule Castle.